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Watch SNL Take on the College Admissions Scandal in This Hilarious Sketch

Sandra Oh nailed it.


Plenty of people have been mocking the university admissions bribery scandal on Twitter—and now Saturday Night Live is joining in. On Sunday, the show posted a sketch, titled “Cut For Time: College Admissions,” that not-so-subtly made fun of the scam.

The clip opens with Grey’s Anatomy star Sandra Oh sitting in a conference room with four other admissions counselors played by cast members Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, Heidi Gardner, and Chris Redd.

“In lieu of some of the embarrassing news stories out there, let’s be extra careful with our choices,” Strong advises the others, noting that they have five spots left to fill for the class of 2023. Gardner chimes in, “We have to make sure it’s all about merit.”

And while all of the counselors agree, things take a turn for the worse with the second candidate, actor Lou Ferrigno’s grandson. More excited about his celebrity status than they were about the academic qualifications of the first applicant, Gardner says, “He Hollywood, he fun!” while Oh adds, “I love the idea that Lou Ferrigno might just like show up on campus one day.”

The group goes on to admit the “heir to the Keebler elves’ fortune” (despite her 2.5 GPA) and a fourth-generation legacy whose headshot is a mug shot from his time in juvenile detention.

The skit ends with the college’s crew coach showing up with her own two recruits, both of whom are questionable at best, calling out the coaches in the real-life scandal who accepted bribes to admit fake athletes to top colleges. The coach, played by Aidy Bryant, denies getting paid by the applicants’ parents.

However, as she leaves, she says, “I have to go drive home in the actual Batmobile which I purchased on a normal female crew coach salary.”