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Hilarious ‘SNL’ Skit Reimagines Mr. Tumnus as a Sex Symbol

James McAvoy nails it.

Saturday Night Live/YouTube

On the most recent Saturday Night Live, James McAvoy returned to his role as Mr. Tumnus in The Chronicles of Narniabut with an adult twist. The hilarious skit examines why so many young girls (and boys) developed a crush on the mythical creature.

During the sketch, McAvoy, who was also the show’s host for the first time, meets with three different women. First up is Christine, played by Cecily Strong. “You became my Backstreet Boy,” she gushes to Mr. Tumnus, tripping over her words as she explains that she reached Narnia via an Airbnb.

“I see, I was your girlhood crush,” Mr. Tumnus says. “Let me guess, it was my non-threatening masculinity. I’m sort of jacked but still in a British way.”

The pair is then joined by Toba (Aidy Bryant) and Rebeccas (Kate McKinnon), who give a “full-bodied yes” when Christine asks if they’re “into Tumnus, too.”

McAvoy’s faun isn’t surprised. “In a way, I’ve become an unlikely sex symbol for a very specific sort of woman, like a lazy Hermoine,” he explains. “And to you, I’m the perfect combination of man, animal, scarf, and flute music.”

One of the best parts, though, is when Rebeccas chimes in, “I don’t mean to be too forward, Mr. Tumnus, but I want to put my thumb-nus in your bum-nus.”

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While entertaining as always, SNL‘s sketch might also be onto something. According to experts, it’s completely natural (and normal) for children to develop crushes or sexual feelings towards cartoon characters in movies as they learn about romantic relationships. So there’s no shame in the Mr. Tumnus crush game.