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‘SNL’ Turned Baby Yoda Into a Hollywood Scumbag Who Beefs With Baby Groot

He's never been less cute.

Saturday Night Live‘s inevitable take on the Baby Yoda phenomenon came on last Saturday’s episode. Kyle Mooney, clad in plenty of green makeup and huge prosthetic ears, played the breakout star on The Mandalorian as a guest on Weekend Update. It was an interesting situation because, despite his widespread popularity, Baby Yoda doesn’t really have a personality or even catchphrases. He doesn’t talk, and the most dramatic things he’s done on the show are lifting his arm up to use the Force—admittedly cool but not exactly flashy—and eat some kind of deep space amphibian whole, which was delightfully gross.

It’s not clear at first where the writers are going with this, as the sketch begins with Baby Yoda making his standard cooing and giggling noises. But once he starts speaking, you quickly find out that SNL’s Baby Yoda is a total Hollywood sleazeball taking advantage of his new success.

He’s boastful, disrespectful to the classic Yoda (and his classic voice), and says things like “Baby Yoda’s what’s poppin’ right now.” He even says fans are sliding into the DM’s, which brings up the mental image of Baby Yoda having sex, which is honestly more confusing than anything.

Mooney’s Baby Yoda gets in a plug for his upcoming Netflix stand-up special and a line of three-fingered gloves called the Handalorians, groan.

And even though he’s part of a celebrity posse with Timothée Chalamet, Robert Pattinson, and the two guys from the Sonic commercials (?), it’s not all milk and honey for Baby Yoda. There’s also beef, specifically with a certain other tiny supernatural creature that can also be found on Disney+.

Baby Groot do me a favor, keep my name out of your little tree mouth before I snap you like a twig,” Baby Yoda says at the end of the sketch.