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Snikt! Wolverine Build-A-Bear Is Coming For Your Kids, Bub

And we're talking about the classic yellow-and-blue -suited Wolverine, y'all.

Credit: Build-a-Bear

Wolverine is usually considered to be the most formidable and cranky mutant of all the X-Men, but now, he’s the most cuddly. As of Wednesday, September 11, Build-A-Bear Workshop now offers a version of Wolverine and this isn’t your depressed sad-sack Logan version of Wolverine, this is the classic version of the character chilling out in his yellow-and-blue super suit.

Called the “Legendary Wolverine” this Build-a-Bear is, in fact, a bear, dressed as a human who goes by the name “Wolverine.” Let’s not get it twisted: This isn’t a Build-a-Wolverine dressed as the character Wolverine; that would be confusing. This is a bear, who, presumably has a skeleton of pure adamantium, also has his claws out all the time. But, we’ve got in on good authority that these claws are tickly and soft.

Credit: Build-A-Bear

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However, if you want to head to your local mall and hit up a Build-A-Bear in real life, you won’t find the new Legendary Wolverine there. Right now, the Wolverine Build-A-Bear is only available online.

If you’re in the U.S. you can order the Legendary Wolverine at the Build-A-Bear right here.

There’s no word yet if other X-Men will become Build-A-Bears, but if they do, it seems like Storm is the next one, right?

Also, the best thing about this Wolverine Build-A-Bear: on one of its feet is the phrase “Best At What I Do, Bub.” If you want to give your kid their own personal catchphrase, isn’t doesn’t get much better than that.