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Will This Stat-Tracking Smart Condom Finally Prove You’re Awesome In Bed?

You’re a smart dude with everything from a smart ring to smart knobs. But what about a smart condom? That’s what British Condoms claims to have created. Called the i.Con (of course), the high tech accessory for your bait and tackle promises to keep tabs of your every move and thrust. Think of it as a Fitbit for your man bits.


The i.Con is actually more of a high tech penis ring that holds condoms in place. Said ring is packed with a nano-chip and sensors that track everything from your girth to velocity to calories burned. Then it sends it all to an app on your phone, adding to the reasons you may want to throw it into a river. It also has an “antibodies filter” that alerts your phone when the i.Con detects proteins or antigens found in STIs. If you want a text that’s as awkward as it is helpful.

The iCon is currently available in for pre-order in the UK only for $73.58. However, if there’s enough of a demand the company will reportedly expand internationally. So you may be able to eventually say to your spouse “if you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it.” But for now, your penis will have to keep studying.

[H/T] Mashable