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Clever 6-Year-Old Secretly Buys $350 Worth of Toys On Amazon

This scam gets an A+.

Ria Diyaolu Twitter

You have to give the girl credit, she saw an opening and she took it. Earlier this week, the parents of a six-year-old Utah girl told her that she could use their Amazon account to buy one Barbie doll — just one. Jokes on them, though. Once she had the password, young Katlin went on a bit of an online shopping spree, ordering $350 worth of additional toys. Yes, she’s the living embodiment of the phrase: ‘You either scam today or today scams you.’

Ria Diyaolu, Katlin’s cousin, posted a picture of the toy delivery to Twitter where it’s been liked over 75,000 times. The caption simply read: “My badass little cousin ordered $300 worth of toys w/o my aunt & uncle knowing. This is a picture of how everyone found out.”

It the photo, Katlin can be seen deviously cheesing with her arms crossed as the delivery man drops off six boxes stacked as tall as she is. Fully realizing that a $350 charge on her parent’s card wouldn’t go unnoticed for long, she even splurged on overnight shipping.

In the end, Katlin’s plan didn’t play out exactly as she had hoped. Or did it? Diyaolu updated the story on Twitter and said the girl wasn’t going to keep all the toys, at least not for herself. As it turns out, the six-year-old is a real crimin— erm, philanthropist. 

“Kaitlin chose to donate all of the toys to the Children’s Hospital where she stayed for a week when she was a baby!” Diyaolu tweeted. “She wanted to give a little joy to those who aren’t well.”