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Why This 6-Year-Old Just Spoke For the First Time

Mason Motz's whole life changed thanks to his dentist.

Inside Edition

What was supposed to be a routine dentist appointment turned out to be so much more for 6-year-old Mason Motz. Until that day, Motz was pretty much nonverbal. Doctors said that this was due to a brain aneurysm, which he suffered at 10-days-old, and Sotos Syndrome. His mom, Meredith, said that he only had a five-word vocabulary before that fateful April day in 2017. The dentist, Dr. Amy Luedemann-Lazar, found a different cause: Motz’s tongue never separated from the base of his mouth. It wasn’t his brain ⏤ he just couldn’t speak.

Luedemann-Lazar then performed a 10-second procedure many babies have shortly after birth and eliminated Motz’s tongue tie. His life was completely changed. “We took him home that evening, and then he started talking about, ‘I’m hungry, I’m thirsty. Can we watch a movie?’ Like, blowing our minds with these full sentences for the first time, within seven or eight hours of coming home,” Meredith Motz told Inside Edition. “It was just shocking.”

Motz does still have to make up some lost time in speech therapy, however. He went from speaking at the level of a 1-year-old to a 4-year-old in months, but it’s expected that he’ll catch up to his peers by the age of 13. Because of this experience, Meredith has some advice for parents.

“[Parents] should trust their gut instincts about their child,” she said, “If you think that something is going on, doctors may tell you one thing, but keep looking and keep trying because you’re usually right. You know your child best.”