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Six-Year-Old Baseball Manager Goes Viral for Epic Tantrum. But Should We Be Laughing?

It's hard to say.

Twitter: Kalamazoo Growlers

A six-year-old baseball manager’s tantrum is making the rounds on social media; but what message is that sending? Affectionately known as Coach Drake, the pint-sized coach is an honorary member of The Kalamazoo Growlers, a summer collegiate baseball team in the Northwoods League. He’s come to be known for his funny antics, and a recent clip of him throwing a tantrum continues to have people laughing. But is that the reaction we should be having?

In the video, the six-year-old is seen trudging out to the dugout to have a word with the umpire. After kicking dirt onto the ump’s shoes, Drake is ejected from the game. He reacts by stomping away and things onto the field, and the audience cheers and laughs in response. The video of the incident quickly circulated on social media and has garnered similar reactions.

While the intentions behind the video and Drake’s position on the team are all in good fun, it might not be sending the best message. People on Twitter have been sharing their concerns over the matter. “I’m not sure I find this entertaining/hilarious,” one user wrote. “Kids may get the wrong idea that it’s okay to throw a tantrum, even if it’s just for attention.”

“I agree,” another user replied. “He’s learning to throw tantrums to get his way. If he is like this on the field, he’s like that at home and at school too. I get that sports get fiery, but this is a 6 yr old who has been led to believe he truly holds position and power with that team.”

Of course, none of this is to say that Drake is taking any of this too seriously and it’s far from the end of the world. But considering the video has been viewed over a million times, the incident raises an important question. A silly and harmless video could actually have serious consequences, and parents should be wary of that.