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Single Dad Goes Viral Asking Daughter for Fashion Advice Before Date

His 19-year-old daughter shared the sweet exchange on Twitter.


Beginning to date again as a single parent is not exactly the easiest thing. If you’ve been out of the game for awhile, it can be a jarring and disorienting experience; so why not rely on your kids for their generational knowledge? That’s precisely what 56-year-old single dad Jeff Saville did while getting ready for a date, and the exchange has since gone viral.

Saville, father of four daughters in Friendswood, Texas, was preparing for his date and unsure about what to wear. So, he reached out to his 19-year-old daughter Carli for her advice. “I was trying to pick a shirt and couldn’t decide which one to go for,” Saville told the BBC. “Carli is pretty good with fashion so I texted her. But she asked me to send her a selfie.”

What resulted was a heartwarming text exchange that Carli posted to Twitter with the caption, “Life with a single dad, asking for advice on date outfits, my heart.” In the screenshots, Carli walks her dad through his options, along with offering her advice.

If that wasn’t enough for your heartstrings, Saville later revealed that his date didn’t even show up. But the blow was softened when Carli’s Twitter post went viral, and tons of uplifting comments rolled in. “Not to be dramatic or anything but I’d die for him!! He’s so precious,” one user wrote.

“If only everyone could see how happy the encouragement and attention this tweet is getting truly makes him,” Carli has since shared on Twitter. Saville has even gotten some requests for a date, so perhaps he’ll get to put his fashion-forward outfit to good use soon.