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Singapore’s Weather Tweets May Have Been Hacked Into Dad Jokes

If there’s one thing parents love almost as much as their kids, it’s weather forecasts. Perhaps that’s because coming up with meteorology puns is a breeze. But you might not know that it’s been raining dad jokes in Singapore. Recently the Twitter account for the country’s national newspaper, The Strait Times, went off the rails in a very, very familiar way.

From the middle of January until the first week of February the feed was seemingly hacked (or helped) with puns, pop culture references, and other jokes that would make your spouse and kid leave the room. Classic quips like “It’ll be raining cats & dogs. Don’t step in a poodle!” left some followers forecasting a cloudy future with a chance of getting fired for the rogue tweeter. Others assumed it was a hilarious intern who should be hired and enjoy their day in the sun. You could say it was a heated debate.

Unfortunately, the tweets tapered off after February 6 without an explanation. Oh, but what a glorious few weeks it was. Whether (weather?) it was the work of a fellow father or a ballsy intern, someone should introduce them to Dad Joke Han Solo. Here’s hoping being this awesome isn’t a fireable offense. Regardless, you can carry the torch (and light saber) from here.

[H/T] Mashable