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This Simple Grocery Kart Hack Takes Away the Stress of Shopping With Kids

Change someones life and share this trick.

Laura Castrillo Facebook

Great life hacks can change the way you see everything, and that’s because more often than not, the hack is hiding in plain sight. With just one viral Facebook post, mom Laura Castrillo, is showing off a trick that will make shopping at the supermarket easier for parents everywhere. For the parent who wants to ensure that their kid doesn’t wander off, putting them in the cart seems like a good idea. But, rather than lift her son up and then over into the cart’s seat, she lifted up the cart’s front-panel and let her son crawl in underneath.

Apparently, Castrillo learned the trick from the mother who had been struggling with getting her special needs child into the cart comfortably. Moreover, Castrillo says that the trick is a godsend for vertically challenged shoppers.

“I started doing it with my own kids because lifting them into a shopping cart can be difficult,” she told POPSUGAR. “They’re heavy, and I’m very short in comparison to a shopping cart, since I’m only 5′ tall.”  

You’re welcome ????Do your part to make a mama’s life easier by sharing this.Full Story: while you’re here, check out my website: (can’t blame a girl for tryin)

Posted by Laura Castrillo on Saturday, September 22, 2018

Castrillo is also lauding the technique for saving her physically disabled mother a lot of grief. And now, she’s hoping that the technique will be a help to parents everywhere.

“My mom is permanently disabled due to multiple back problems,” explained Laura. “After taking my son on errands with her, she complained that lifting him in and out of the cart had left her back very sore. I recorded the video to show her how we get around that. I thought it could help others.”