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Sierra Canyon High School Wins Big in Lebron James Move to Lakers

Bronny has already proved him self as a young player and this new school would be a huge test.


After Lebron James elected to become a free agent rather than straight up re-sign with the Cleveland Cavaliers last week, sports media became consumed with a guessing game: Where would King James rule. Last night, NBA fans found out. James has decided to join the young Los Angeles Lakers. For those who read about James’ kids enrolling in the Sierra Canyon School in Chatsworth, this result is no surprise. For that school’s unreasonably stacked basketball team, it’s tremendous news. Bronny, Lebron’s oldest son and his basketball heir apparent, will join a team that has already attracted the sons of Scotty Pippen, Duane Washington, and Kenyon Martin as well as Derek Fisher’s nephew.

Unlike a lot of Lebron’s previous decisions about where he should play, his family was a huge consideration this time around. A lot of that has to do with the age of his kids, who could be negatively affected by a school move — as many children are. All the more reason to head someplace the kids know (James has two homes in Los Angeles) and where school choice is as easy as enrolling the kids in Basketball Hogwarts. 

Bronny will likely welcome the move to Sierra Canyon, but not as much as Sierra Canyon is likely to be eager to welcome Bronny, the preternaturally gifted son of an elite athlete known for his outrageous intelligence and recall. The world just needs to prepare for more Sierra Canyon highlights in the social feed — Bronny embarrassing kids has become an Instagram staple of late.

Bronny James won’t be the most famous student to ever graduate from Sierra Canyon. For whatever it’s worth, the school is the alma mater of Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, Ireland Baldwin, and Willow Smith.