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Think Your Kid’s Obsession With Shopkins Will Soon End? Think Again.

The series of small collectible toys is preparing for a full-scale takeover of 2018.

When it comes to toys, kids are fickle creatures, forgetting their infatuation after, at most, a few months of play. But it seems that doesn’t apply to one genre: Shopkins. That series of small collectible toys that took the world by storm four years ago is still going strong. 

In 2017 the NPD Group, an American market research company has named Shopkins as the number one girl’s collectible property in the “Playset Dolls & Accessories” segment. Each of the small plastic figures is categorized as common, rare, ultra rare, special edition, limited edition, or exclusive, and young girls just can’t seem to get enough of them. Shopkins accounted for 20 percent dollar share and 18 percent unit share in the category. That’s a lot. 

Paul Solomon, CEO of the Shopkin-creating Moose Toys says that the success of the toys is driven by “innovation, refreshed expansion of product and aligned activity across licensing and entertainment.” If that just sounds like a bunch of marketing jargon, think of it like this: Shopkins has reached far beyond being a collectible that’s purchased solely in a retail toy aisle. By way of their creative licensing program, Moose Toys is working with companies such as Mcdonalds, Pez, and Sketchers on a global scale. This means their products are placed in front of consumers in a way that feels too ubiquitous to suffer from being hyper-niche.

Beyond that, when compared to another hot toy trend like Fingerlings, which each cost between $20-$30, parents can buy close to 30 Shopkins for something that same amount. Being able to sell a product that beloved for about a dollar a pop has been extremely beneficial for Moose Toys and the brand as a whole, and by the looks of it, Shopkins aren’t going anywhere soon.

In fact, Shopkins wll be in even more places. According to Solomon: the company will be unveiling an entertainment program to be announced at the Licensing Fair in late 2018.