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Shark Week Has Invaded Maternity Wards

Warning: shark puns ahead

“Shark Week” and “Baby Shark” have somehow now converged. What does that look like? Well, since “Baby Shark” first became viral in 2016, the song continues to be pretty much everywhere, living rent-free in people’s minds. And now, a hospital even threw a “Baby Shark”-themed photoshoot for newborn babies during actual “Shark Week.” While the song is almost sickeningly catchy at this point… admittedly, it all looks pretty damn sweet.  Saint Luke’s North Hospital in Kansas City set out to do something in tune with “Shark Week,” which began on Discovery on August 9, that would bring a little comfort and joy to mothers who have had to give birth to during a pandemic and also to honor of one of the hospital’s obstetricians, who is a big fan of “Shark Week,” Parents reports. The hospital staff got creative making shark costumes and t-shirts that read “Baby Shark Week” for the newborns. They also took pictures and framed them with “Baby Shark” lyrics and puns like “Al-waves sleepy” and “There’s some-fin special about you.” 

As hospital staff are working overtime and expectant mothers have to give birth during this uncertain time, it’s definitely nice that Saint Luke’s could do a little something for parents and staffers to feel a little more at ease and celebratory. If ‘Baby Shark’ can do that, then maybe all the time’s it’s gotten stuck in your head are worth it? Well, in any case, it’s definitely one of the cutest things to happen that’s related to actual ‘Shark Week’ in a long time.