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The ‘Daddy-Proof’ Onesie is Awful, Not Unique

Condescending children's clothes are a bizarre American tradition.

A “daddy-proof” onesie is once again drawing weary condemnation from fathers for being condescending and sexist. Recently posted on Reddit by a pissed-off dad, the crappy infant swag sold by retailer Sara Kety was spotlighted, along with all that outrage, on the ‘Today Show’ this morning. “This shirt is daddy-proof” reads the onesie, which features arrows indicating where the arms go and reinforces stereotypes that aren’t really good for anyone.

But the dads aren’t just expressing onesie-rage on the Reddit thread. Redditors have gone big with it, voicing opposition to the sticky cultural meme of “Dad is an idiot.” Dads fill the thread with tales of men’s rooms without changing tables and compliments for spending time with their kids like, you know, fathers do.

Critics have shamed the Sara Kety onesie before. At least on dad has been pissed about the onesie since 2013. He complained on the Huffington Post because that’s what the Huffington Post is there for. Nothing changed and the onesie is still on the market so, presumably, someone is buying it. Someone is also likely buying the onesie from TStars reads “You can do this dad.” It also has arrows for the leg holes.

“The cutest thing ever,” enthuses one reviewer. “When I gave it to the Mom-to-be she had her husband stand beside her holding it. That was the only gift at that baby shower that got a picture taken.”

daddy proof onesie


That poor bastard.

Still, those aren’t the most insulting onesies on the market.  Taking a spin through Amazon’s “also bought” carousel on the TStar onesie page is like taking a trip to some sort of horrific Hooters/Nursery hybrid. “I’m not just Milk Drunk, I’m Tit Faced” reads one. “Bitch Better Have My Bottle” reads another.“Daddy’s little squirt” reads one that — lest you miss the joke — features a smiling cartoon sperm. The worst of the bunch? “Made In Vachina.” (That’s not how outsourcing or human anatomy work.)

So, yeah, the “daddy-proof” onesie sucks. It just doesn’t suck in a unique way. Parents should probably protest the whole terrible onesie industry. But who has that kind of time?