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Study Shows That Sex Toys Have Less Toxic Chemicals Than Kids Toys

You know what to do if your kid ever finds your partner’s vibrator: Confiscate first, laugh later. But more horrifying than a 3-year-old using her pocket rocket as an action figure accessory is a recent study out of Sweden that says the materials sex toys are made from is safer than your kids’ toys. Stick to studying meatballs, you creeps!

The Swedish Chemical Agency (SCA) tested 44 sex toys and 112 children’s toys and found that 2 percent of sex toys contained banned chemicals. As for the other toys? Fifteen percent had banned chemicals, including lead — which isn’t sexy at all. Out of all 44 grown up goodies, only one plastic dildo was found to contain a banned substance, chlorinated paraffins, which the SCA suspects causes more cancer than orgasms.

Sure, the sample size was of sex toys was smaller comparatively, and this is Sweden. But don’t think that this is just a European problem. Despite the fact that phthalates were banned from kid’s toys in the United States in 2008, studies show they can still pop up in all kinds of things to from food packaging to school supplies. As recently as December 2016, baby teethers in the U.S. were found to have many endocrine-disrupting chemicals. This can lead to a variety of health issues for your kid, from breathing problems, to cancer, to a smaller penis (gasp!). And then they’re really going to need for those “other toys” one day.

[H/T] The Guardian