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Grandpa Takes Exploding Baseball to the Face in Hilarious Sex-Reveal Fail

He never expected the batter to actually take a pitch.

Twitter: ClariceGuido

Discovering the sex of your baby is a thrilling moment for any soon-to-be parent. And it’s been made even more exciting in recent years with the trend of sex-reveal parties, where expectant parents learn the sex of their child in fun, often elaborate, ways. The real fun occurs, however, when a sex reveal goes wrong, as it did recently for Brittany and Max McCauley.

The plan was to have Max hit a baseball filled with pink or blue powder. Things took a hysterical turn, however, when Max’s discerning eye at the plate led him to take the pitch, a clear ball high and outside. His dad Scott was playing catcher and, not expecting to actually have to catch the ball, didn’t even get a glove on it ⏤ it clocked him straight in the head instead and exploded blue powder.

“Scott thought he would be able to catch it, I don’t know where the lapse in judgment was there,” Brittany told People, “because it hit him square in the forehead!”

Fortunately, everything turned out just dandy in the end. Scott wasn’t hurt and Max and Brittany discovered that they would be having a boy. The couple’s friend Clarice posted the slow-motion video on Twitter, where it quickly went viral. The video has been viewed more than half a million times in the three days.