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Seven-Year-Old Has Raised Over $20,000 to Help Build Trump’s Wall

This bit of fundraising has not come without controversy.

Benton's Stand

A seven-year-old from Texas is making a name for himself in politics after raising over $22,000 in order to support Trump’s planned border wall. Benton Stevens opened up a hot chocolate stand back in February in order to support the President and eventually, his business went viral and he began selling items online, including “Liberty Lemonade Mix”, “Freedom Hot Chocolate”, and MAGA hats that are signed by Benton.

Unsurprisingly, this fundraising has not come without its fair share of controversy. Many people have pointed out that it’s unlikely that a seven-year-old understands the extremely complicated moral intricacies of building a wall at the border, especially given the criticism Trump’s administration has faced due to their callous treatment of detained migrants. Some have even accused Benton’s parents of using him as a political pawn.

To be fair, parents from both sides of the political aisle have gotten their kids parroting their beliefs from a young age and the line between political empowerment and shameless exploitation is often razor-thin. Benton’s mom Jennifer says her son was inspired to begin Benton’s Stand while watching Trump’s latest State of the Union address.

“He heard the president say, ‘We need to close our borders. We need to protect our country. We need to make it safer,’” Jennifer told KVUE. Benton’s mom has said that her son hopes to raise $50,000 in support of the wall.

Trump’s wall was one of the major promises of his Presidential campaign back in 2016 and now in his third year, there are no signs that it will ever come to fruition, much to the chagrin of his most fervent supporters. And while fans like Benton have managed to raise funds in support, it’s unlikely they will be able to raise the estimated $15-$25 billion it would cost to construct the wall.