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Seth Rogen and Jimmy Fallon Re-enact Absurd Text Conversations Between Dads And Their Kids

Dads say the darndest things.

The Tonight Show NBC

When actor and comedian Seth Rogen stopped by The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon last night to promote his new movie Like Father, Fallon went all in on the dad theme. He asked Rogen to partake in a hilarious gag in which the two dramatically read text exchanges between dads and their kids. Honestly, it was perfection.

Rogen actually kept it together throughout the reading, whereas, Fallon, as usual, had a tough time keeping it together. You can’t really blame him, though, as some of these exchanges range from purely hilarious to completely strange.

In the first exchange, Rogen assumes the role of dad and reads: “Hey Sarah — This is your dad. My fat but ran out of power.” After his daughter asks for some clarification, the dad — who meant to type the words ‘fit bit’ just keeps sending the words fat but.

The one that takes the cake though involves a poor use of the iPhone’s Siri feature.

“I want to tell Kristen I love her very much. I want to tell her that I miss her. I want to tell her that she is hardworking. I can’t say enough, I want to tell Kirsten that she is the best daughter a dad could ask for.”

That’s inarguably sweet but when she replies, “Dad are you using Siri?” he could only reply: “Yes. Period.”