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Seth Rogen Embarrassed Paul Ryan in Front of His Kids

Rogen proceeded to storm away and immediately give a speech about Alzheimer's.


During a recent interview with late night host Stephen Colbert, actor and comedian Seth Rogen recounted the time that he, despite his Canadian origins, straight up denied former speaker of the house Paul Ryan a chance to take a selfie with him. What may be worse about the whole thing is that Rogan told off Ryan in front of his kids. Rogen telling the story is savage and, of course, hilarious.

Rogen was at a political summit in Utah put on by former presidential candidate Mitt Romney to give a speech about Alzheimer’s when he was approached by Ryan, and Ryan’s sons Sam and Charlie. Ryan and both of his sons are huge fans of Rogen but Ryan quickly learned the admiration was not mutual when he asked for a picture. Rather than oblige the request, Rogen decided to give him a piece of his mind after saying “No way, man!”

Rogen explained that once he started criticizing Ryan he found that he just “couldn’t stop” and he unleashed on the former Vice Presidential candidate for his role in the current state of American politics.

“I said, ‘Furthermore, I hate what you’re doing with the country at this moment, and I’m counting the days till you no longer have one iota of the power that you currently have,” Rogen told Colbert.

Ryan probably didn’t see that level of insult coming from the stoner comedian, and while his days in politics are numbered, this probably isn’t the first or last time this kind of incident will happen. Hopefully next time, the Speaker of the House’s sons won’t be with him as he is being dunked on by a critic.