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Seth Meyer’s Wife Gave Birth in Their Apartment Building Lobby

The late-night host told the dramatic story of how his second son was born.


On last night’s episode of his late-night talk show, Seth Meyers announced that his wife Alexi Ashe successfully gave birth to their second son over the weekend. And while there were no problems with the birth, and their child is totally healthy, Meyers revealed that the delivery was far more dramatic than expected. And that’s because it went down in the lobby of their building. The Late Night host took more than 10 minutes out of his show to tell the wild story, which included a surprise appearance from the New York Fire Department.

Meyers said that he was enjoying a normal Sunday with Alexi and their son, Ashe, when his wife indicated she was having contractions and should probably go to the hospital. Meyers immediately jumped into action. Unfortunately, by the time the elevator hit the lobby of their building, Alexi said she couldn’t go any further — she was going to have the baby right then and there.

Meyers tried to reassure his wife that they would be fine but, unbeknownst to him, the baby was already on its way out. With no real choice but to make the best of a crazy situation, Meyers created a comfortable space for his wife to lie down in the lobby and called 911. Only thing, by the time he got somebody on the phone, the baby had been born. Members of the New York Fire Department eventually arrived to take mom and baby to the hospital and help the former SNL castmember cut the umbilical cord.

Meyers revealed a picture of his newborn son Axel Strahl, saying they chose the name simply because they liked it. Of course, however, Meyers said he would definitely tell his son he’s named Axel because firemen were there during his insane birth.