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Seth Meyers Recounts Nightmare 9-Hour Flight With His 2-Year-Old Son

Needless to say, the other passengers weren't pleased.

Late Night With Set Meyers Youtube

When late-night host Seth Meyers traveled to Italy with his wife and two sons, he used a simple calculus: catch the red-eye, the kids will sleep through the whole flight, no problem. Of course, nothing ever goes that smoothly when you travel with kids. Instead of snoozing for most of the nine-hour flight, Meyers recounted on Late Night yesterday, his two-year-old son talked his ear off for the entire trip.

Hilariously enough, it was Meyers attempt to prepare his son for the long plane ride that actually ended up being his undoing. Rather than follow their instructions, he just kind of repeated them to the entire plane.

“One of the things we had done to prepare him for the trip was to just tell him in the weeks leading up to it— we’re gonna get on a big plane, we’re gonna fly over the ocean, we’re gonna land in Italy, you’re gonna eat pasta, you’re gonna sleep on the plane. And, in the weeks leading up to it, he would repeat it to us and that gave us a false sense of confidence that he was gonna be good on the plane… he just said that to us the entire flight,” Meyers explained.

According to Meyers, every time his son was almost asleep, “he would wake up like he remembered he had a business meeting” and yell the instructions back at his parents. Naturally, the other passengers weren’t amused. To make up for it, the chatty toddler congratulated everyone when the flight was over.