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Hardcore Sesame Street Characters From SNL ‘Joker’ Sketch Need Their Own Movies

We need to see more of Big Bird's tragic demise.

Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live set the internet on fire with Grouch, a hilarious trailer that perfectly parodied Joker by diving into the tragic origin of everyone’s favorite trash can dweller, Oscar the Grouch.

The fake trailer was obviously played for laughs but honestly? We would love this to become a real movie or even a backdoor pilot to a show where we get to explore how hard times have turned Sesame Street into a crime-ridden cesspool. And while the focus was on Oscar’s Jokeresque transformation, a full season would allow us to explore all of the beloved characters who are struggling to survive and fight their own demons.

We get a first taste of this intricate world-building with Snuffleupagus being reimagined as an aggressive, angry pimp.

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to watch Bert figure out how to survive on his own after losing his best friend and literal partner in crime Ernie?

And seeing how Big Bird transformed from a wholesome, beloved kid to a troubled peep-show performer sounds every bit as interesting as Walter White’s journey on Breaking Bad.

Plus, the Count as a strung-out addict who will stop at nothing to get as many pills as possible? May as well get the Oscars (or Emmys) ready now.

Of course, Cookie Monster is fighting his own demons, as his insatiable desire for cookies appears to have robbed him of everything he once held dear.

And finally, we have Elmo, who is usually known for hugs and tickling but it looks like she has taken a turn for the worse, becoming Sesame Street’s go-to crack dealer. Or is she just a victim of racial profiling? The drama is too much!

With Sesame Street already making the move from PBS to HBO, now is the perfect time for this gritty reboot to get the green light. We haven’t gotten this deep of a dive into the dark world of crime and injustice since The Wire ended and we’d all be on board for this intense drama.