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Sesame Street Is Finally Getting the Lego Treatment

And don't worry, there will be a Big Bird minifigure.

Lego Ideas

Lego Ideas is an online community where fans can submit their designs and, if they get enough support from their fellow builders, see them turned into actual sets. So we aren’t exactly surprised that a set based on one of the most beloved television shows of all time garnered enough votes to earn a company review and go into production.

We’re talking about Sesame Street. The long-running show inspired Ivan Guerrero, an amateur designer from the Philippines, to design a set based on 123 Sesame Street.

The iconic stoop is there, as is the street sign that doubles as the logo for the show. You can swing the building open to reveal a bunch of detailed rooms inside. There’s Gordon and Susan’s apartment, Big Bird’s Nest, Bert and Ernie’s Apartment, and more.

And don’t worry: the plethora of iconic characters who’ve appeared on Sesame Street over the years is well represented in this set. Oscar, Bert, Ernie, Big Bird, Grover, Gordon, Susan, Bob, Cookie Monster, Prairie Dawn, Count von Count, and, of course, Elmo are all slated for inclusion.

We say slated because, alas, we’re still a ways away from the seeing the final design for this set. We also don’t know when, exactly, it’s going to hit the market.

Obviously there have been tons of Sesame Street toys before—who can forget Tickle Me Elmo mania?—but they’ve all been aimed at kids. This Lego set is going to be thousands of pieces, which means building it will be beyond the reach of the show’s current audience who also might, you know, choke on Lego pieces.

It seems part of a larger trend to open up Sesame Street to other commercial opportunities, in line with the move from public television to premium cable (and streaming). We’re honestly not huge fans of these moves, as it seems like it will be harder for as many kids to discover Sesame Street. But if capitalism is going to take over the show, products like this Lego set are definitely a silver lining we can get behind.