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Serena Williams and Her Daughter Are the Belles of the Ball

Both dressed as Belle for a Beauty and the Beast sing- and dance-along

Serena Williams is just like you, a parent looking for inventive ways to keep their kids entertained under quarantine. And she’s really good at it.

The tennis legend shared an adorable video to Instagram with the caption “Keeping busy.” It shows her and her daughter Olympia, each clad in Belle’s yellow dress from the animated version of Beauty and the Beast, traipsing around their living room singing “Belle” from that film’s soundtrack.

Olympia helps her mom put down her popcorn at the beginning of the video, as Williams sings the first words of the song with a flourish. She moves across the room with the grace of a professional athlete while her daughter follows with the lack of grace of a two-year-old.

But the clumsier her dancing is, the cuter Olympia becomes, and the best part of the video might be when the music kicks up and she jumps around before collapsing to the ground in a giggling heap. For her part, mom continues singing and dancing, walking up onto the couch only to be followed by a newly upright Olympia.

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Keeping busy

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Down in the comments, the heart emoji and smiley face with heart eyes emoji were flowing, along with gushing appreciations of the cuteness of the video from friends and fans. Olympia’s aunt Venus Williams also chimed in.

“I love her so much!!!” she wrote, “but why is the mom also in a princess dress???” It’s a hit of acidity that balances out the undeniable cuteness of the video itself, and yet another example of how the Williams sisters are just good at everything.