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Serena Williams Shares Video Of Daughter Training To Be Next Tennis GOAT

Is she going to be Naomi Osaka's next great competitor?

Here’s the deal: Serena Williams is the greatest tennis player (and, arguably, the greatest athlete) of all-time. In a career that spans over two decades, the GOAT has won 23 Grand Slam titles over the course of her prolific time on the court. She’s shattered records, won a title while pregnant, survived a near-fatal birth experience, and came back onto the court to crush at Open after Open.

Of course, now that her daughter is already a title winner (yeah, we count in-utero wins), she’s gotta start training for round 2. And now, Serena shared an adorable video of daughter Olympia (who she shares with Alexis Ohanian) training for her “second” title — and we have a feeling Olympia just might be the next tennis great.

Could daughter Olympia follow in her mom’s footsteps? Since she’s just three years old, it’s probably too early to judge her skills one way or another, but Serena posted a video on Instagram of Olympia showing off her tennis skills with some help from coach Patrick Mouratoglou that has us second-guessing. Add that to the fact that Serena and Venus both started training when they were around that age and, well…

The video was posted yesterday with the caption “Tennis Diaries” and features Olympia taking a few swings. The vibe is very casual, with Olympia wearing a denim jacket and sneakers while Mouratoglou, who coaches Serena, tosses her a few balls. Olympia misses the first ball, as three-year-olds are wont to do, but she is then able to make some contact on the next two balls that are thrown her way.

It’s the type of adorable content we have all come to expect from toddlers — because really, it’s mostly just about her having fun. It will be exciting to see if she develops a real love for the game like her mom. Or maybe she’ll get more into the tech world like her dad, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian. Either way, she has a bright future ahead of her and we’re excited to see what Olympia gets into next. (Finger painting? Cursive? Counting pennies? Coding camps? Who knows!)

Olympia is obviously too young to really have much skill with a racket, but Serena did reveal last year that she had signed her up for tennis lessons for the first time. She decided against giving Olympia the lessons herself, as parents are known for not always being the best coaches for their kids, even if they mean well.

“Don’t even start with me, because I’m not giving her tennis lessons; I signed her up for some,” Serena wrote last fall. “But the lady has no idea that it’s my daughter, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m not a pushy mom, but I know how I like techniques, so I’m gonna make sure she’s good at teaching Olympia some techniques.”