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Google Just Unveiled The First Self-Driving Van For Your Family

For now the only self-driving cars in your home belong to your kid, but those days are numbered. Google unveiled their first computerized collaboration with Fiat Chrysler at the Detroit Auto Show this past weekend. Instead of being a sports car or a hybrid, the first self-driving car is a good old fashioned van — and that’s dad as hell.

After a decade of research, Google’s parent company Alphabet launched the business Waymo in December, which was the first commercial sign that their driverless car was gaining traction. Other automakers like General Motors and Ford are working on their own driverless cars as well. But they’re not collaborating with Google, and they haven’t rolled out anything to help your kid drive themselves to school.

waymo self driving van

Another thing that sets Waymo apart from other innovative automakers is that they’re working on creating self-driving equipment that you can integrate into your already existing vehicle. So in the future you could have your computer car drive you to checkout-less grocery store, whether you’re a van guy or not. And let’s face it, your neighbors are more likely to believe your car can drive itself than your attempts to convince them you’re not a van guy.

[H/T] The New York Times