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Secret ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Could Be Filming Right Now

Is Walter White alive? Is Jesse on the run?


What happens to Jesse Pinkman after the final moments of the very last episode of Breaking Bad? A new feature film from the creator of the mega-popular series might answer that question. And the movie might already have begun production in secret.

On Wednesday, the Albuquerque Journal broke a story about a new movie filming in New Mexico running under the name “Greenbrier,” which seems to be a code designed to throw-off journalists. (The film business has a long tradition of having film productions running under false names. In 1982, Return of the Jedi was filmed under the false title “Blue Harvest,” to prevent fans from figuring out what was happening at various shooting locations.)

Though it hasn’t been confirmed publicly by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan or anyone at AMC, the Albuquerque Journal insists that a person close to the production of “Greenbrier” says this thing is really the Breaking Bad movie. The only other detail known about the film is this plot description: “‘Greenbrier’ tracks the escape of a kidnapped man and his quest for freedom.”

If the movie is a Breaking Bad movie, this would seem to imply it will straight up be about Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) in the moments after the very last episode. Jesse had been kidnapped for a while and was driving away from a total bloodbath.  But, would this also mean that maybe Walter White (Bryan Cranston) didn’t die.

In theory, the entire story of Breaking Bad did seem to have a very definitive ending in the final episode.  Which makes the possibility of a movie sequel interesting and yet, somehow not essential, too.

Then again, if James Gandolfini were still alive and David Chase said the upcoming  Sopranos prequel movie — The Many Saints of  Newark — was actually going to be a sequel, everyone would be totally for it. And because the entire cast of Breaking Bad is still around, it seems like an insane opportunity to waste.

For now though, just like Heisenberg hiding from the law, the details, and even existence of this Breaking Bad movie remain a mystery.