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Seann Walsh’s Dad’s Brilliant Note to Teacher: ‘Life’s Hard Enough’

Walsh's dad did not have the time for this.

Twitter @seannwalsh

A dad’s pissy letter to his son’s teacher has gone viral. British comedian Seann Walsh shared the hilarious note earlier this week. Written 18 years ago when he was in year nine (eighth grade in the US), the note admonishes a teacher for confiscating his sweater because it didn’t adhere to a strict dress code. Walsh’s father is not so much angry as he is disappointed, giving the letter the feeling of a tired sigh. The man is also brutally honest. He takes the blame for his son’s outfit and admits his wife has left town and that he doesn’t know how to use a washing machine.

The man probably should have learned to use the machine (probably has now), but he’s dead on in his assessment of his son’s punishment. “Isn’t this a little bit petty?” he inquires. “Life’s hard enough.”