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Study: Married Couples Who Drink Together, Stay Together

As a happy couple, you and your spouse have likely fielded the awkward question: What’s your secret? Allow a new study from the University of Michigan to blow up your spot. The secret is that you both have a bit of a buzz on. The research published in The Journals of Gerontology looked at 4,864 married people over the age of 50 who had been with their spouses for an average of 33 years; the majority of whom were still on their first marriage. In other words: Plenty of reasons to drink.

Science Says Drinking Together Makes Couples Happier

Couples were asked about how often they consumed alcohol and how much, as well as questions about how demanding, critical, reliable, and irritating their spouse was. Happiness had little to do with how much people drank and more to do with whether or not they do it together. While more men drank then women, women reported greater dissatisfaction in their marriage when they drank and their spouses did not. This data doesn’t bode well for your guys night out.

“We’re not suggesting that people should drink more or change the way they drink,” notes Dr. Kira Birditt, the lead author of the study. Instead experts suspect this has more to do with couples spending quality together and participating in leisure activities. But, she also recommends that if your spouse has to stop drinking for their health, it’s best if you stop too. Oh, c’mon Birditt! You seemed like the cool doctor.

[H/T] Reuters