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Science Is Now Using Weed To Help With Your Fertility, Man

It’s fairly common knowledge that smoking weed isn’t the best thing for your fertility (or for remembering where your keys are). But now thanks to a new study in mice, scientists have found thatcannabinoid receptors in your body known as CB2may hold the key to treating male infertility. So, the opposite of what science said first. They’re not saying that buying a bong will lead to another baby, but it does mean that marijuana may be more important for treating male infertility than experts thought — which is still pretty groovy.

The report, published in the upcoming issue of theFederation Of American Societies For Experimental Biology, looked at groups of mice who were treated with either a CB2 activator or a CB2 inhibitor for 14 to 21 days. The group that received at CB2 activator had an increase spermatogenesis — a cellular process crucial for reproduction (and someone’s unfortunate college nickname). However, the mice that were given a CB2 inhibitor experienced a spermatogenesis decrease. This suggests that the key to treating infertility is getting your CB2 receptor to be less chill, and you shoulder most of that responsibility.


It’s important to note that the CB2 receptors only responded to marijuana’s anti-inflammatory effects, not the psychoactive ones. Even if that sweet, sweet cheeba can help treat infertility, it won’t be in the form that makes you crave White Castle. Also, the study made no mention of the modality of the sperm (that’s how well your swimmers swim), but if you’ve ever gone into a pool high, you know it’s probably not making them more athletic. Right now the only way marijuana is helping with the baby-makin’ is when your wife is smoking it.

[H/T] Science News Daily