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School Resource Officer Placed on Leave After Using Taser to Wake Up Sleeping Student

The Police Department is unsure whether this was meant to be a joke or not. Either way, the officer is expected to be fired.

Getty Images

One Ohio school resource officer has been officially placed on unpaid leave after they brandished a taser in a poor attempt to wake up a student who’d fallen asleep in the classroom. Officer Maryssa Boskosk only works at the school part-time and was just assigned there this year.

The whole incident took place inside the walls of Liberty Preparatory School in Smithville on one of the first days of school. The student in question was a junior at the school and would not wake up for his teacher or the principal. When Boskosk was brought in, things immediately escalated as she pulled out her taser to attempt to wake the sleeping teen, with the sparks from taser just a few feet away from the student.

“She did take her Taser, remove the cartridge from it, and arced the Taser,” said Smithville Police Chief Howard Funk.

Fortunately, the student wasn’t hurt, as no probes flew from the weapon, nor did the weapon touch the student in any way. Still, the shock in the classroom and the sound of the electricity coursing through the weapon was enough to wake the student up. According to the principal, Boskosk didn’t give any warning before brandishing the weapon.

“I was a little surprised by it. Our interest is in the safety of our students so hearing that go off was a little alarming,” Interim Principal Jenna Parnell said.

According to Funk, what Boskosk did was a direct violation of the department’s taser policy. She will likely lose her job, but Funk and local officials are still determining if there is any cause to press criminal charges. Though Boskosk hasn’t given any statement on the matter, she has struggled with the taser before. A performance log from earlier this year pointed out that Boskosk once forgot to remove the live cartridge from a taser before pulling the trigger for a spark test. The result was the weapon going off right next to a fellow officer.