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Sam’s Club Is Selling Giant Inflatable Trampolines and They’re Perfect for Summer

These might be the most fun kids can have at the lake.

You might be content to stare out at the lake this summer, sipping a cocktail, enjoying the clean air and sunshine. Your kids, on the other hand, can’t drink cocktails and have too much energy for quiet contemplation. Sure, swimming is fun, but if you really want to keep them entertained, might we suggest a floating trampoline?

Sam’s Club is selling what it calls “novelty water bouncers,” but what everyone else calls an inflatable trampoline. Watching your kids get major air and splash from the trampoline into the water might disturb your austere views of the lake, but you’ll be able to keep an eye on them and they’ll be able to have tons of fun.

The bouncers come in two different designs, turtle and duck, but don’t worry: your trampoline mascot will come with cheesy sunglasses no matter which one you choose.

They’re made of heavy-duty PVC that Sam’s Club says is designed to withstand baking in the sun all summer long.

There’s a safety pad separating the bounce surface it from the body of the craft and an anchor bag to keep the trampoline from floating away.

A floating trampoline that's great for catching air and catching z's all summer long.

On each side of the trampoline — the duck’s wings and the turtle’s flippers — there is a boarding platform with molded handles to help kids hoist themselves back onto the animal after flying off the side into the water.

The trampoline itself is 70 inches wide, large enough for up to two bouncers at once. It can handle a combined weight of up to 240 pounds.

And when the kids are exhausted or you want to relax yourself, it’s quite easy to stop jumping and lie down on the bouncy surface. The springiness makes it a comfortable place to get some sun or take a nap.