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Sam Rockwell’s Very Supportive Dad Comments on Stories About His Son’s Movie

This takes 'theatre dad' to a new level.

Actor Sam Rockwell’s father Pete just might be up for dad of the year after some kind remarks he made about his son’s most recent film Three billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri made their way onto Reddit.

In the comments section below a New York Times essay about the film, which, after sweeping both the Golden Globes and the SAG awards, is currently the Oscar frontrunner, Pete said that he “loved the movie” and made sure readers knew that his son Sam had just won an award for his portrayal of Jason Dixon, a power-hungry detective prone to violent outbursts and flagrant abuses of power. Pete, who’s also an actor and raised Sam on his own, went on to say that he’d have still “loved the movie even if Dixon was played by someone else” before giving the nod to his son with a very dad-like “But not quite as much” tacked onto the end.  

Sometimes, parents just want to gush about their kids, even if those kids are highly acclaimed and well-known Hollywood celebrities.