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It’s Finally Safe to Buy Your Kids Honey Smacks Again

The overeager frog is staying on the box though.


A few months ago, Kellogs kicked off what has felt like a Summer of non-stop food recalls when they took their longtime cereal Honey Smacks off of shelves for fear of salmonella contamination. The contaminated cereal made 135 people across 33 states sick before being recalled but now it’s finally poised for a return. Per a recent press release, Honey Smacks will be coming back to stores sometime next month.

Things won’t exactly be as they were before. The cereal will be reintroduced as part of a limited quantity run; at least for the time being. The report also notes that the cereal will be made with “a simpler, updated recipe.” Despite this, they are promised to still deliver a “deliciously sweetened, honey-flavored puffed wheat cereal.” Now, depending on where you stood on this questionable cereal before, you can take that or leave it.

Still, Honey Smacks is a children’s cereal, and that being the case, parents will probably be a lot more vigilant about buying a box for their kids from now on. It’s for that reason that the new Honey Smacks packaging will say “New Recipe” on the outside. Beyond what makes up the recipe, Honey Smacks is upping their safety commitment even more and now producing the cereal elsewhere.

The first Honey Smacks contamination actually happened in storage, well before the cereal was shipped out. For that reason, production will continue, but within a “trusted and tested Kellogg-owned facility that has been reliably producing the cereal for decades.” The company is taking this route rather than relying on the third party manufacturing facility owned by Kerry, Inc.

Regardless, even after the cereal was recalled earlier this summer, many still reported seeing the contaminated boxes on store shelves. So when the new recipe Honey Smacks drop next month, be sure to check the UPC code on the bottom. Recalled boxes will have a code of 3800039103 or 3800014810.