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Ryan Reynolds Stops Trolling His Wife to Focus on Trolling His Daughter

Good thing she's only a year old and has no idea.

Actor Ryan Reynolds is no stranger to trolling friends, family, and basically the entire outside world on Twitter. But the actor took a break from trolling the universe to set his sights on trolling a lady much closer to him: Ines, his second daughter. In a recent Tweet, Reynolds compared remembering he even had a second child to finding a lost $5 in an old pair of pants.

That wasn’t the only time Reynolds made light of the joys of fatherhood.

Or the joys of being a husband and a dad.

While all this may sound just a tad harsh, the actor is known for his sharp middle school-esqe sense of humor and is just having a laugh. The Deadpool star and all-around funny guy once wished his “amazing wife,” actress Blake Lively, a happy birthday by posting a photo of the two in which most of her face and body was unceremoniously cropped out, leaving just Reynolds smizing in the frame.

And then there was the time he wished his brother a happy birthday by saying that if there was fire and he could only save one family member, he’d save himself from the blaze (“obviously”) in order to call the fire department and have them then rescue his brother — because they have “vast expertise in these matters.”