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Ryan Reynolds Says Deadpool Costume Doubles as a Toilet

When a mom asked how her son is supposed to use the bathroom in a Deadpool costume, Reynolds offered up this advice.

Ryan Reynolds: Loving husband. Fantastic father. Mischievous Tweeter. And now, he’s offering parenting advice online to some of his fans wondering how their kids can use the bathroom while dressed as Deadpool.

It all started when Monique Taminga tweeted a picture of her son dressed as Deadpool to Reynolds and said, “No idea how he is supposed to use the washroom. Any tips Ryan?!!” Anyone who was worn a jumper, leotard, or morph suit will understand where Monique and her son are coming from, as the mystery of how to use the bathroom in elaborate costumes has plagued Halloween enthusiasts for decades.

Fortunately for Monique, Reynolds responded to her tweet with some of his trademark wisdom, explaining, “Everybody knows the Deadpool suit is also a toilet. Get it together.” Unconventional? Sure, but what else would you expect from the man who lets his kids go to Burning Man on their own?

So there ya have it. Hopefully, Christian Bale or Ben Affleck will soon offer up some bathroom strategies of their own for those poor, unfortunate souls who dress up as Batman without thinking it through.