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Ryan Reynolds Proves He Can’t Not Make Dirty Joke About ‘Sesame Street’ Appearance

The man has to be vulgar, and it's hilarious.

Ryan Reynolds once again reminded us all why he’s the internet’s most beloved incorrigible scoundrel, as he made an extremely NSFW joke in a tweet about his appearance on the beloved children’s show Sesame Street.

In 2010, Reynolds was in an episode of Sesame Street where he played the letter “A” as a part of a parody of The A-Team. This, of course, required him to dress up in a giant blue ‘A’ costume. A fan tweeted at Reynolds with photos of him in costume from the episode, saying that seeing the Deadpool actor alongside Elmo and the gang was “a delight, for both me and the kiddo.” Never one to pass up the chance to add a dash of filth to a seemingly wholesome moment, Reynolds seized the opportunity and happily indulged in a bit of his patented cheeky, irreverent humor.

“I remember how challenging it was to sing because the A-hole was so tight,” Reynolds tweeted. “But I pushed through because kids all over the country were counting on me.”

The mischievous tweet inevitably went viral, earning nearly 250,000 likes and over 20,000 retweets. The tweet also received nearly 3,000 replies from fans who admired Reynolds’ unparalleled ability to make a dirty joke on every occasion.

“The speed at which you veer back and forth between filthy and wholesome is delightful,” one reply read.

Even a couple of fellow celebs got in on the fun, including Jake Tapper, Mark Ruffalo, and Zach Braff (who kind of just re-told the same joke Reynolds made without the subtlety).

The only thing that could have made a nearly-perfect internet moment better would have been an acknowledgment from Sesame Street’s official Twitter account, which has so far remained silent on the “scandal”. Although to be fair, sphincter jokes are probably too risque for any Sesame Street residents, other than maybe Oscar the Grouch.