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Ryan Reynolds Reveals Hilarious Reason Blake Lively Might Divorce Him

Instead of watching the kids, the 'Deadpool' star was binging-watching action movies.

Getty Images

After the success of Deadpool 2, beloved internet icon Ryan Reynolds is taking a well-earned break from acting to stay home and watch the kids while his wife, Blake Lively, works on her next movie. The only problem? It’s unclear whether he’s actually watching them or movies instead. While sitting on the Deadpool panel at Comic-Con recently, Ryan was asked how he’s been spending his time off. His answer was as honest and hilarious as fans have come to expect.

“Do you ever do that thing where you watch, like, every Quentin Tarantino movie? I’ve been kind of doing that,” Reynolds explained.

Of course, nobody is going to fault Reynolds for rewatching Reservoir Dogs, Jackie Brown, and the rest of Tarantino’s filmography. However, Reynolds did seem a little worried about how his wife might react if she knew what was really going on at the house. “My wife’s been shooting a film overseas so I’ve been having a ton of time to pretend like I’m watching the kids,” Reynolds said. “She’s probably filing divorce papers as we speak.”

It’s the type of playful banter we’ve all come to expect from Reynolds and Lively, who seem to find no greater joy in life than roasting one another in front of the entire world. Reynolds has long used his wife and kids as fodder for his hilarious tweets, but Lively may have gotten the last laugh when she revealed that all of her husband’s stories are actually bullshit.