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Ryan Reynolds Trolls Fans by Leaking Fake ‘Detective Pikachu’ Movie

Better than the real thing?

YouTube/Inspector Pikachu

In a masterful troll job slash marketing stunt, a YouTube account called Inspector Pikachu posted a video titled “POKÉMON Detective Pikachu: Full Picture.” It’s long enough to be a feature film, but if you’re hoping to watch the actual movie you’re out of luck.

The video opens with the Warner Bros., Legendary Pictures, and Pokémon Company logos — the same you’ll see before the actual film begins in theaters. There’s also a watermark — R. Reynolds.

We see Tim Goodman, the protagonist of the film, walking the streets of Ryme City, a Tokyoesque metropolis with plenty of cars, an elevated train, and several Pokémon flying around. We spotted a Charmander, Squirtle, and Dodrio, among others.

The music, to this point sparse, piano-driven, and pensive, gives way to a new song, an upbeat electronic number that sounds straight out of the ’80s. Goodman looks to his left and the video cuts to the now-familiar CGI Pikachu wearing his detective’s hat and dancing in a studio, pastel neon lights in the background.

And he keeps dancing. And dancing. And dancing. For the next hour and forty minutes or so the same repetitive song plays and the same chipper Pokémon energetically kicks and spins along with the music.

The funniest dad on Twitter, promptly tweeted out the video under the guise of reporting a leak to Warner Bros., thereby ensuring that his 13.6 million followers would see it.

Along with the opening weekend-exclusive Detective Pikachu card, cuddly psychedelic creatures, and Pokémon Go tie-ins, the video is part of a pretty clever marketing strategy.

As for the movie itself, even Reynolds’s toughest critics are giving it positive reviews. You can see it for yourself this Friday, but until then sit back and enjoy Pikachu’s dance moves below.