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Everything You Should Know About the Upcoming ‘Detective Pikachu’ Movie

The film will star Ryan Reynolds and is expected to start filming early next year.

Yesterday, it was announced that Ryan Reynolds will star in the upcoming live-action Pokémon film Detective Pikachu, which is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2019. For the die-hard connoisseur of the catch-’em-all creatures, this is extremely exciting news but the announcement left most casual Pokemon fans with some burning questions. What the hell is a Detective Pikachu? Is it some private eye who specifically works on Pikachu-related cases? A Pikachu who solves cases when not battling other Pokémon? How does Reynolds fit into any of this? There is a lot to unpack so here is everything you need to know but were too confused to ask about the movie.

So here’s what you should know. Detective Pikachu is a relatively unknown character in the Pokémon universe and is exactly what it sounds like: a Pikachu who doubles as “a self-styled investigator who is good at finding things.” Reynolds will star as the titular gumshoe and it is believed that the role will mostly be motion-capture, which means that the Deadpool star’s face won’t actually be onscreen.

Considering how early Detective Pikachu is in the filmmaking process, little is known about the plot, though sources say it will revolve around the gumshoe teaming up with a trainer to help find his kidnapped father. The trainer will reportedly be played by Justice Smith, who is one of the stars of Netflix’s The Get Down and is in the upcoming Jurrasic World: Fallen Kingdom. Big Little Lies actress Kathryn Newton will be playing a journalist in the movie, though how her character is connected to Detective Pikachu is currently unknown. Rob Letterman (who directed Goosebumps) will be directing the film, which is expected to begin shooting in London next month.

Despite all of this information, it’s still hard to know what exactly to expect from Detective Pikachu. Will this be a film noir? A buddy cop movie? A heartfelt drama? All three combined? We won’t know until the movie comes out but the endlessly weird possibilities already make this a must-see movie.