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The Royal Nanny Made the Royal Wedding Work

Borrallo is that kind of one in a million ninja nanny.


Wasn’t the royal wedding on Saturday just beautiful? What a beautiful ceremony. What an insanely well-orchestrated event. What an unbelievable example of incorporating perfectly behaved children into a social function. What a testament to royal parenting. Oh, wait. There was a nanny? I guess that makes sense. She’s insanely qualified? I suppose that makes sense. Her name is Maria Borrallo, she’s the full-time nanny for Prince William and Kate Middleton, and she’s a damn superhero? Ahhhh. Now, I’m getting it.

The true and unheralded hero of the royal wedding is finally getting some justified praise in the wake of the coverage glut that followed Saturday’s ceremony. Maria Borrallo, who hails from Madrid, Spain and has been in the employ of the royal family for four years, stepped into her current role shortly after the birth of Prince George. As you can imagine, Borrallo isn’t the sort of sitter who’s number you put on the fridge. She was educated at Norland College in Bath, England, where students are specifically given childcare training and has been employed by several high-profile families (none higher than the Windsors). She is frequently described as devoted to her gig.

By the end of the royal wedding, attendees were reportedly calling her “the child whisperer.” Her strategy? Bribing kids with candy. Why? Because you do what it takes on the big day. She wasn’t setting precedent; she was helping set a scene.

Getty Images

It was a good thing Borrallo was on the ground on the day of the ceremony. According to a report by The Sydney Morning Herald, the wedding rehearsal was a huge mess with toddlers freaking out all over the place. So next time you see a bunch of little rich kids out and about and their behavior seems just suspiciously good, look around. There probably a nanny lurking in the shadows somewhere.