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Royal Children Cause Adorable Amount of Mischief at Queen’s Birthday Celebration

Siblings are the same across the globe.

Twitter @HowTickledIAm

Being royalty involves more than just wearing elaborate hats. It means following rules. Lots of rules. Rules about when to stand and sit, when to talk, and when to keep your mouth shut. It’s an unnatural amount of decorum and one has to wonder from a parenting perspective how exactly William and Kate are ever able to keep the royal kids under control — after all, they are just children. Turns out, they don’t have to worry about. After video of the royal bunch messing around during a celebration for Queen Elizabeth’s birthday hit the internet this weekend, it’s clear the kids are perfectly capable of hilariously keeping each other in check.  

The video shows Prince George, his sister Princess Charlotte, and their eldest cousin Savannah Phillips standing on a balcony at Buckingham Palace watching planes overhead during the Queen’s birthday flyover. While all of the children appear to be pretty thrilled with the spectacle, not everyone was equally excited about Prince George yammering on during the event. Photographers caught the 7-year-old Savannah hilariously shushing him and covering his mouth with her hand.

The funny thing is that Savannah wasn’t playing it cool the whole time either. She had her share of fun pretending that she was conducting the royal brass band playing below them. Beyond that, Charlotte, in true sibling fashion, looked the other way as Savannah put her hands over George’s mouth. If she didn’t see it, did it really happen?