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The Royal Baby Name Made Disney’s King Louis Great Again

Unfortunately there likely won't be a King Louis for some time.


The internet is having a field day with the new royal baby’s name. Though the newborn Prince Louis (pronounced  LUU-EE) is fifth in line for the throne, people have already made the connection between him and the orangutan King Louie from Disney’s The Jungle Book. Predictably, this has resulted in a lot of love for the animated ape lord, who is not actually a character in the Rudyard Kipling book.

In the Disney version of The Jungle Book, King Louis is the leader of the primates and hopes to learn about the power of fire from Mowgli. He’s a fun character and an orangutan, which is slightly curious given that no orangutans live in India. Neither do chimpanzees, which also appear to be featured in the film. But, no matter, the primate honcho has a memorable name.