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The Royal Baby’s Shocking Name? Louis Arthur Charles.

The name actually mean "famous warrior" in French.


After a few days of secrecy, Prince William and Kate Middleton have finally announced the name of their third child. The baby boy is named Louis Arthur Charles, in honor of both Prince Charles, William’s father and first in line for the throne, and one of his great uncle’s named Louis.

In keeping with tradition, Kensington Palace posted the official announcement saying that Louis’s official title will be “His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge.” Pronounced LUU-EE, the name actually means “famous in battle” or “Famous warrior” in French. It is a militant name and one more closely associated with the French monarchy than with the House of Windsor. 

It’s hard to know if his name will have the kind of pull that gets other parents lining up to name their new babies the same thing. After the birth of Louis’ older sister Princess Charlotte, the name Charlotte became an instant hit with new parents. It didn’t hurt that Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, named their newborn girl Charlotte around the same time. In 2015 when Princess Charlotte was born, the name made the top 10 most popular list but, by 2017, the Charlotte frenzy was over and the name fell to 12th on the list. Louis is currently sitting down at 298 so it would be surprising if it broke the top ten.

Louis represents, interestingly, a change of pace. It’s less traditional than some of the other names the couple threw out, including Alexander or Albert.