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ABC is Bringing Back ‘The Conners’ Without Roseanne

The show will return in the fall with the entire cast, minus the former titular matriarch.


Less than a month after canceling Roseanne due to the titular star’s controversial online behavior, ABC has announced it will be bringing back the Conner family in a spin-off series set to air in the fall. The series, which has been tentatively titled The Conners will feature all of the original cast members, with the exception of Roseanne, who will not be involved with the show.

Last month, ABC decided to cancel the hit reboot after Roseanne posted a racist tweet in which she compared former Obama administration advisor Valerie Jarrett to an ape. Given the show’s popularity, many speculated that the show might return in some form without Roseanne and Jimmy Kimmel even suggested that the show should be rebooted as Dan, placing the focus on John Goodman’s character instead.

It turned out Kimmel’s suggestion wasn’t that far off, as ABC has announced that The Conners will be airing this fall and will feature all of the characters from the rebooted Roseanne, minus Roseanne, of course. The series has received a 10-episode, straight-to-series order, meaning that the show will get at least 10 episodes to find its footing without Roseanne front and center.

Will this new iteration of the Conner family prove to be as successful as the Roseanne reboot? We won’t know for sure until the fall but it makes sense for ABC to retool the show in this way, as one of Roseanne‘s greatest strengths was its ensemble cast, which includes Goodman, Laurie Metcalf, Sarah Gilbert, and Michael Fishman.