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Rod Stewart Is the Best of Dad Rock. Back Off

Comparing Rod Stewart to Donald Trump is not okay.


Making fun of crazy things Trump says makes sense. But, making fun of Ron Stewart is a step too far. A new op-ed from the New York Times has pointed out that Trump is saying crazy things and in making that (extremely valid) point, the writers are weirdly throwing Rod Stewart under the bus. What the hell?

This week, an NYT piece titled “With Tweets, Videos and Rhetoric, Trump Pushes Anew to Divide Americans by Race.” One basic point of the piece is that Trump is desperate and is playing his “hits,” and those hits are dog-whistling racist concepts to his supporters, and generally trying to spin any criticism against him. The overall point the piece is making is smart: Trump isn’t doing anything new, he’s like a has-been rock star only playing his greatest hits, and those hits are terrible.

But, people on Twitter are taking issue with one aspect of this analogy, specifically, this line: “[Trump is] the Rod Stewart of politicians — he may keep coming up with new material but deep down he knows his fans just want to hear ‘Wake Up Maggie,’ so he keeps playing the same tune because he can’t stand the thought of them not loving his performance.”

Wow. This analogy would have been fine if it were almost anyone other than Rod Stewart. But what did Rod Stewart do wrong? And, also, Rod Stewart has a lot of good songs, right? (BTW the song is called “Maggie May,” but that’s not a big deal.)

Rod Stewart is a father of nine, and the guy who sang several fantastic songs including “Every Picture Tells a Story,” “Ooh La La,” “The Wild Horse,” and of course, “Forever Young.” My daughter loves Rod Stewart records and she’s 3-years-old. Also, for children, his wild, hedgehog hair makes him a rock superhero, which is certainly not something you can say about Donald Trump.

Obviously, the writers of this NYT were just making a point. And their point is something that is worth listening to. But, as a huge disciple of Dad Rock, I gotta say, leave Rod Stewart alone!

Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story implied Rod Stewart wrote all the songs listed here. This has been corrected.