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The Rock’s Daughter May Be Following Her Dad’s Footsteps Into the WWE

Like father, like daughter.


Simone Johnson, daughter of The Rock, could have a future in the WWE just like her father. On Wednesday, the league’s COO Paul “Triple H” Levesque hinted that the 17-year-old may soon enter the world of professional wrestling.

“I know she has ‘the bug’ of the business. She caught the love of it from her father,” Triple H said during his NXT TakeOver conference call. “If you were to ask The Rock, there’s nothing like that electricity, that connection he has with people… from his time in WWE. His love of that is evident. I think she sees that as well. It’s in her blood.”

Triple H went on to say that he believes The Rock (Dwayne Johnson’s WWE moniker) would be supportive if Simone chose to pursue a wrestling career. “I know he believes it’s a wonderful business. I know he would be proud to have her be a part of [it].”

Simone’s interest in the WWE is no surprise. Not only has she been spotted training at WWE’s Performance Center in Orlando, but her dad has also publicly talked about his daughter’s love of the sport.

On Good Morning America, he revealed that he told Simone, “‘Honey, whatever your passion is, I support that.’ And wrestling was good to me, I started my career in Madison Square Garden. So, yeah, bring it on, she’s going to be a champ.”

According to Triple H, it’s likely Simone will follow in her father’s (and grandfather’s) footsteps. “Will you see more of her in the future?” he said on the call. “It would be hard not to see her in the future.”