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This New Clothing Subscription Service Will End The Battle Over What Your Kid Wears To School

Getting a kid to wear clothes is often a thankless and frustrating affair. By the time you’ve done all the arguing, negotiating, and compromising, they’ve outgrown whatever it was you agreed on. Like most infomercial spokesmodels, you’ve probably thought “There’s gotta be a better way,” and there is: just let them go naked. But since that’s not technically legal once they’re of school age, there’s also Rockets Of Awesome.

Rockets Of Awesome Solves Most Of Your Kids Clothes Problems

New this week, Rockets Of Awesome is a personalized shopping service for children that will keep yours from looking like extraterrestrials. By using an algorithm that combines what you and your kid like, the service delivers 12 pieces of clothing to your kid 4 times a year. Available nationwide in sizes 2-14, all the items are individually priced from $12 to $36 and parents only have to pay for the items they keep. Not only will you get back some gas money (and perhaps a few years of your life), the quarterly deliveries will help accommodate your kid’s ever-changing size.

Rockets Of Awesome Solves Most Of Your Kids Clothes Problems

The business is the brainchild Rachel Blumenthal, who also launched Rachel Leigh jewelry and Crickets Circle, so this isn’t her first e-commerce rodeo (which might explain the $7 million in seed funding). If the clothes are half as cool as the idea sounds, Rockets Of Awesome will only leave you wishing for one thing: that you thought of it first. Since you’ll now be saving time not shopping, you can just come up with the next great idea instead.

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