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Robin the Boy Wonder Drops an F-Bomb About Batman In ‘Titans’ Trailer

Obviously, this show isn't for kids.

20th Century Fox; DC

Holy profanity, Batman! The new DC show Titans clearly isn’t for kids.

In the very first trailer for the upcoming show, Robin the Boy Wonder drops a massive F-bomb about his mentor and father figure, Batman. After some bad guys try to take Robin down and ask “where’s Batman?” Robin haughtily replies, “F**k Batman!” So, there you have it, you’re not watching this show with your kids who are very young.

On Thursday, DC released the new trailer for the upcoming TV series Titans, which is loosely based on the superhero group the Teen Titans, who appear various comic books, as well as the 2013 Teen Titans Go! animated series and the 2003 animated show, just called Teen Titans. In almost all versions of the superhero team-up, the group is led by Dick Grayson AKA Robin, but usually, after he’s no longer under Batman’s tutelage. In the upcoming series, Robin is a seriously angsty teenager, clearly channeling Chris O’Donnell from Batman Forever.  And, for those of a certain age, the flashback scenes in the Titans trailer will remind you a lot of the death of Robin’s parents from Batman Forever, too

Here’s the trailer:

Despite the massive popularity of the Teen Titans among children and, well, teens, this new series seems completely aimed at adult fans of the characters. Weirdly, this show is not to be confused with the upcoming movie Teen Titans Go! to the Movies, which is a lighthearted animated movie coming out in theaters next weekend on July 27. For contrast, here’s the trailer for that.

Ironically or not, both Titans and Teen Titans Go! make light of Robin living in Batman’s shadow, so it seems like whether the concept is aimed at kids or not, this will always be sly outlet focussed on super-kids venting their anger about grown-ups.

Robin’s friends in Titans include Starfire, Beast Boy, and Raven, who are, basically C-list superheroes that, depending on the success of the show could become A-listers. (Hey, back in 2008, it’s not like Iron Man was anyone’s favorite, so you never know.)

Titans will not be on regular television or cable, however. Along with a ton of other programming, the show will be streaming-only on the DC Universe streaming service. (Which is in beta-testing now.) The streaming service is expected to go live sometime in the Fall.

Meanwhile, Teen Titans Go! to the Movies — which you can totally take your kids to without fear of Robin cursing — will be out next weekend, on July 27 in movie theaters everywhere.